Huawei’s Offshore Problems Are Increasing, And It Might Not Get Resolved


The ban of Chinese tech giant company Hauwei overseas has made quite actually hard for it sells any of its equipment outside China. China’s largest smartphone making company Huawei has already got banned in the US, and now the UK did the same. Experts are analysing the situation, and saying it might be a lo difficult for executives to sell any of the company’s assets. The Founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei said he is thinking of selling intellectual property rights of Huawei. However, the interest of the Chinese government has made the situation harder for the founder himself. The Chinese government already warned the UK and other countries that if they obeyed US demand to ban Huawei products, there would be consequences.

The UK banned even after getting such an intense warning from Beijing; now, it has created a problem for Huawei. More than 40% of the company’s revenue comes from overseas. Huawei has successfully managed to get their hands on 5G technology, but the significant influence of the USA has stopped it. The contacts to provide 5G enabled smartphones and other equipment have been put on hold by the US government. The Trump administration has obtained evidence that the Chinese government controls Huawei, and they are spying on users’ data. Google also banned Huawei from using the playstore for the android operating system.

Huawei retaliates that move by creating their own operating system naming it “harmony” but hasn’t made its significant impact on the comeback of the company. Overall, the situation is becoming quite hard for Huawei overseas market. The coronavirus pandemic situation has already started a trade war of other countries with China. India banning Chinese apps and products has created more problems for Huawei to sell its products in the neighbouring Asian market also.