A Study Shows Young Children Are More Spreading The Virus Than The Adults


Even though health authorities are requesting all people to take care of the small children, a new study shows that the risk of transferring coronavirus is higher from young children than adults. A group of scientists made a case study on the viral transfer of coronavirus in people; they found that young children transmit COVID-19 virus 10-100 times more than adults. In this study, a group of young children having mild symptoms of coronavirus were transmission this deadly virus than young adults. The study reveals small children who have high viral loads will be responsible for transmitting the virus more severely than any other person.

This study was done between March 23 and April 27 on 48 adults and 51 young childrens who were asked to give the swab tests. The team that carried out the swab test found out that young children aged between 5-17 have more viral nucleic acid responsible for the transmission of COVID-19 virus. This new finding is quite shocking since a few days ago; people believed some reports that showed school opening would not affect much on the spread of the virus.

Experts are trying to convince people to follow the required precautions since the death rate is increasing severely among older people. So now the schools are reopened, then it will further only increase the spread of coronavirus which it already did in the USA. Millions of people have reported positive, so there should be no shock to see things getting deadlier than ever before. The transmission study needs to analyzed by other health departments that have permitted to reopen the schools. Overall, experts are still advising people not to get in the touch of other people, which will put their life ion danger.