Tesla’s New Model S Receives Environmental Protection Agency Range Rating, Starts At USD 79,990


Electric carmaker Tesla has received the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA range rating for Model S Long Range. The EPA determines an estimated operating range of a vehicle on a charge. The rating shows an improvement in the power efficiency of Tesla’s new car. The vehicle was supposed to have 412 miles of range when it was first announced. Tesla founder Elon Musk made the announcement during a delivery event of the vehicle. However, the vehicle showed an improved rating a few days later. According to the data published on Tesla’s website, the vehicle has 405 miles of range. With this, the new Model S Long Range has received its official EPA range rating.

The range on Tesla’s website has been updated from estimate to EPA estimate. The EPA has also updated its website. It has added the official rating for the 2021 model. Not only range but Tesla has also improved the efficiency of the 2021 model. The electric vehicle shows a slight bump in efficiency for city and highway driving. According to Tesla, it has updated the battery pack of the new Model S Long Range. It, however, has not released the details about the updated battery pack and also the energy capacity. Reports say that the new EPA rating is almost in line with a similar energy capacity as in 2020. There is just a slightly longer range.

The new Model S Long Range is the longest-range electric car by Tesla. The 2021 version of the vehicle was launched earlier this month. The price range of the vehicle in the US market is USD 79,990. However, there will be a delay in the delivery of the new car. Tesla said that new orders will be delivered later this year. The company said that the product team is working through a backlog. Meanwhile, Tesla has released the Model S Plaid. It has a Dual Motor configuration. It will fend off rivals in the luxury electric vehicle segment. Tesla hopes that the new model will reignite the public interest in the sedan. Tesla in 2012 had launched its high-end Model S.