North Korea will visit Russia's Foreign Minister, accept the invitation

North Korea Will Visit Russia’s Foreign Minister, Accept The Invitation


North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong tried to improve his relationship with countries including the United States and South Korea. Since their visit to China, North Korea has started to change the view of other countries. Now Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will visit North Korea.

The Russian Foreign Minister has accepted the invitation to visit North Korea. His decision came after the visit of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong, his visit to China and Foreign Minister Rey Yong-ho’s Moscow visit. The Russian Foreign Minister said that North Korean Foreign Minister Rei Yong-Ho invited him to visit his country, whom he had accepted.

From Monday onwards, North Korean Foreign Minister Rey Yong-ho is on a visit to Russia. Sergey Lavrov and North Korean Foreign Minister Rey Yong-hoy met on Tuesday in Moscow’s capital Moscow. During this time there was a discussion on all bilateral and global issues between the two leaders.

Earlier, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, who had successfully test-fired missile by overturning the UN warning including the US, Japan, had reached China on his first foreign tour, shaking the world and met President Xi Jinping there. During this time, China’s President Xi Jinping also had the festivities of Kim. At the same time, US President Donald Trump had fervently praised Shi Jinping and Kim Jong-un, while Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had sought clarification from China about this meeting.

This was the first foreign tour of Kim Jong-un, who took over North Korea in 2011, starting with the closest friend of North Korea, China. His visit came in the wake of a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jane-in and US President Donald Trump. North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim and South Korean President Moon are due to meet next month. After this, Kim will be meeting American President Donald Trump in May. Earlier, North Korean leaders have been continuously visiting China and Russia.