Racism Suit against Tesla by Employee


Tesla is one of the leading companies when it comes to innovation in the technology of cars. However, it seems that the company is still operating in the pre- Civil rights era according to some of the workers present there.Marcus Vaughn, an African American employee of the company has recently filed a law suit on behalf of him and a group of workers who accuses the company to be a racist one. According to Mr. Vaughn, there are over 100 workers in Tesla who have been harassed in the company and seeks monetary as well as reform compensation from the same due to the bad working conditions and lack of policies against racial harassments.

While Mr. Vaughn tried to bring this to the notice of the human resource department and Elon Musk himself, he was terminated with the excuse of lacking a positive attitude in the work environment. Mr. Vaughn also states that the supervisors and colleagues often used the “N word” apart from other racial discrimination acts.While there has been no official reaction from the side of Tesla on this suit being filed in the Alameda County Superior Court of California, Mr. Elon Musk has sent an email to the employees of Tesla stating that it is not right to demean a historically less represented group but sometimes the actions aren’t intentional and that in cases where the wrong doer apologizes, the victim should be a bit thick skinned and accept it.

The suit was filed by California Civil Rights Law Group and as stated by Larry Organ, an attorney at the firm, Mr. Vaughn approached them when he heard about another suit that the firm had filed on behalf of yet another African American group who brought similar charges against Tesla. Mr. Organ also stated in an interview that Tesla, as a company, wasn’t doing enough for the diverse workforce they had. He also said that the company should have taken steps to ensure that all members of their diverse work force felt equally at ease while working in there.