LG and Sprint Will Unleash a 5G Smartphone in 2019’s First Half

LG and Sprint Will Unleash a 5G Smartphone in 2019’s First Half

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LG and Sprint are joining into partnerships for bringing customers the first ever 5G Smartphone in the United States around the first half of 2019. This 5G Smartphone is professing to be able to provide Sprint customers with more reliable and a faster user experience. The press release particularly notifies that this move from 4G to 5G will be superficial; users can have the access to download full-length HD movies within seconds only and can play graphics-intensive or internet-connected video games without interrupting. Sprint that it will work with LG for this 5G Smartphone for the nascent next-gen network of Sprint somewhere around starting half of next year. As of now, no definite details about the launch rather than rumored dates and also the fact that LG will have involvement in making it. Whatever the case is, since the company claimed to release its 5G network, it has a sense that deals will drop in place for the device when it comes in the market.

The press release of Sprint points out that the use of giant MIMO tech as a chunk of the 5G strategy, which the new and unnamed LG phone will support. It’s something the company is already edifying it in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington Dc, and Chicago, as a predecessor to 5G.

Sprint’s director of product marketing; John Tudhope said in an interview with the PCMag that this device isn’t any idea or a prototype, rather the 5G Smartphone has already undergone the testing phase. They were pretty much excited about the final design of the hardware, and it’s of 100& surety that this integrated Smartphone device will be the first of its kind. It has a high-end premium, elegant look and not more bulky than any premium regular high-end device, plus it will deliver exact battery fostering power needs.

It may roll out most probably in the first half of 2019 and will be available exclusively through Verizon. Users will be capable of snapping the 5G Moto mod to the Moto Z3 that will be capable of conveying download speed up to 5GBps.