Chinese Vice Premier Liu He

The Treasure Secretary Said That The Chinese Vice Premier Liu He Will Be Visiting The USA For Trade Talks


Steven Mnuchin who is the treasury secretary of the US has recently said in a press conference that Chinese top official Liu He will most likely going to visit the US to talk about the trade issues. If there’s one thing which is causing more problem to the whole nation, then it’s none other than the trade war and everyone is hoping to end this silly trade disputes. There are many statements and meetings given by both countries to stop the trade war, but no country is taking the initiative to remove the trade disputes. However, with the latest announcement done by the Treasury secretary which states the Chinese officials are now agreed to talk about the trade disputes and soon something good will come out of it. Mnuchin said that The Vice Premier Liu He is most likely going to visit the US in the next month and he hopes the current political condition is not going to have any impact on this meeting.

Currently, the US political environment is going through a dangerous phase because of the government shutdown which is concerning many political and business experts. Many experts think that in such kind of political climate it will be hard for the US to convince China to end the trade war. On the other hand, the Treasure secretary is positive about the upcoming meeting with Chinese officials and Mnuchin thinks the temporary government shutdown situation will have zero effect on the trade talks with China.

President Trump has already demanded better terms and conditions to end the trade war issue because he thinks this dispute is hurting to the US more than China. However, so far no explicit action has been taken from China to end trade disputes but hopefully in next month’s meeting with Chinese official everything will be clear.