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Don’t Rush For Nintendo’s OLED Switch Upgrade!!! Is This The Best Switch Yet?


Nintendo’s latest OLED display-enhanced Switch isn’t particularly exhilarating, but it’s the most powerful version of this console.

There are some smart improvements that offer”OLED Model” a “OLED Model” an advantage over the hardware launched in 2017. There’s nothing revolutionary about it, though. Anyone who feels obliged to be the most up-to-date, shiny versions of their most-loved gadgets should be cautious when making this $300 gadget the default purchase.

The regular model ($300) The Switch light ($200) and the new OLED model all have features that distinguish them from each other, the advanced innards that process gaming data and display it to the monitor are identical across the three models.

The game that runs on the OLED device will offer the same quality and load times that it would be on any of those consoles. If you connect it to the dock and play games on the TV screen, then it’s likely to be no different from the experience you’d experience with an un docked regular Switch.

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The upgrades are here They’re just not change-making. The built-in storage has doubled between 32GB and 64GB (functionally it’s actually 54GB). This is a great improvement but serious users are likely to increase the storage capacity with an SD card. Its OLED screen is clearly the star of this model. It’s all in the title! The 7-inch screen might not sound like a huge improvement over the standard model’s 6.2-inch screen however, in this instance the evidence is in the picture.

Its OLED model’s bezel isn’t not there, measuring around 0.5 millimeters across the two sides as well as 0.3 millimeters at the upper and lower. There’s a significant distinction if you’ve spent any time with the regular model: the bezels measure over 1 millimeter on both sides and 0.7 millimeters on upper and lower.

It’s easier to understand when you’re looking at it in person, as opposed to looking it up on a specification page or in a report.

It’s not just the bigger screen that’s an attraction. The OLED technology that’s been added to the Switch will also provide an instant improvement over the LCD displays present on the previous consoles. Don’t worry about the technical differences; in terms of functionality the OLED model is simply superior, with a clearer image and a more vibrant range of colors.

The speakers also receive an upgrade. I’m not sure of what’s driving these speakers. OLED models “enhanced audio” but it’s a significant improvement. Even in my noisy and busy home in which I have three dogs as well as a toddlerand I play the majority of my gaming on handheld devices in a soaring, high-ceilinged cavernous space — the sound was crisp and clear.

This was evident to me when playing Metroid Dread, a new game which is launching with an OLED Switch. The sci-fi action game is a dark journey through the bowels of an alien world. It also features an enveloping soundtrack and multi-layered soundscape that includes sounds and environmental sounds, there are also sound effects during combat that can help players fight off attacks with greater effectiveness.

I usually use headphones for this kind of game when the whole family is in the room, but when the television was on, and a child screaming his head off, I could keep up with the action. To be honest you’re looking for an OLED Switch pumped to its maximum volume can be a little too loud, if, for instance you’re in the living space watching television.

The upgrade to the audio is particularly appreciated considering how tabletop-friendly the Switch is. Switch is. My personal favorite is the updated kickstand. On the original Switch along with its successor, which was a 2019 update that was essentially an enhancement to the battery The kickstand was a small tiny piece of plastic that was slid out from the side of the device and could only hold its weight.

The kickstand of the OLED Switch is a night-and-day distinction. The plastic piece has grown into a larger one that runs the full width of the device. It’s mounted on a more secure and more flexible hinge which means you can stand the OLED model to an angle that you want. The original kickstand was like a cheap accessory that might or may not have been incorporated into the design in the moment, the latest kickstand is an obvious addition to the switch’s versatility and multi-use feature.

The dock is left. It’s a minor upgrade over the dock that comes in the regular Switch and the major improvement being the ethernet port. The Switch also has a brand new color (white instead of the black version of the original) and has a modified panel that can access the HDMI as well as the ethernet as well as power port. However, being able access your Switch to the internet via wired connections — which is a first for the console — could reduce the sluggish and difficult wireless eShop downloads more manageable.

For the output of the TV There’s nothing different in any way with the OLED model as well as the standard model. In fact, the better OLED display shines a brighter spotlight on the way that the Switch is optimal in tablet or handheld modes. The OLED screen is maxed out at the resolution of 720 pixels, but it’s small enough that rougher parts from its lower resolution don’t seem to be apparent.

The rough edges are easy to see when you dock, but. Metroid Dread is a beautiful game in any way you cut it, but switching from handheld mode to TV is a clear decrease in the quality. Even with something as basic as the logo and title the lines that appeared easy on the smaller screen suddenly appear rough and jagged. Metroid is still helped by its stunning art style however, it and the other games will never look as good in docked mode.

The battery is the only thing left. It shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone who has been through this The battery inside the OLED Switch has similar performance to the battery found in the standard Switch. Nintendo rate both as “4.5 up to nine hours” of gaming time, based on the game. my Metroid gaming was definitely close to the bottom of this. It’s still a lot of testing to be conducted with this battery but it definitely is like the traditional Switch.

It’s not particularly exhilarating, but it’s the most powerful version of the Switch available up to now.

There’s nothing to be surprised about there. If you’ve been keeping track of Nintendo’s announcements on the OLED Switch, then you’re already prepared for an incredibly impressive new experience with this new hardware. Dear readers, I’m awestruck. This is certainly the best Nintendo Switch that has ever been created, but it’s certainly not worth the price.

The sole reason you need to upgrade here is if still playing with the original launch Switch model that was released in March of 2017. Nintendo removed that model and replaced it in 2019. with the model with a battery boost. The upgrade question gets more complicated.

The OLED model won’t replace the traditional Switch. If you’re using the old model and it’s working perfectly, I’d advise against the upgrade unless you find a fantastic trade-in offer for the older console. Take a look at it this way What is the point of paying hundreds of dollars for the latest Switch which does everything that the present Switch does however, with a better screen with a kickstand, screen, and sound system? The upgrade in storage is practically worthless since 54GB of usable space will not suffice to eliminate the requirement for the majority of people to purchase an MicroSD card.

The upgrade dilemma is more complex when we move into the Switch Lite. The model is only handheld and came out in the year 2019. It’s not dockable with a TV. The lack of a stand will require you to support it with something to set it up for tabletop gaming. The LCD screen is smaller than any of the two other models.

However, the Lite was created for and sold only to a narrow audience: those who are interested in the Switch as a gaming device that is exclusively mobile device. If you purchased the Lite the price was specifically to get an Xbox that isn’t able to beam its games to a television. The OLED model’s main benefit is its enhancement in mobile-friendly experienceit’s stunning display but you’re paying for it and docking on TVs. It’s also a lot more physical to carry around and to be held.

It’s not my opinion that it’s worth upgrading in the event that you already have an Lite and it’s dependent on my own experience and actual life. I can see scenarios in which the upgraded OLED screen appeals to Lite owners, particularly with the kickstand and audio upgrade giving a significant improvement to tabletop games. If you’re thinking of carrying the Switch along with a few additional Joy-Con controllers to your next party or family gathering it’s the perfect console to place on a table where the guests can sit around it.

There’s an even bigger picture to think about. The Switch has been a big success for Nintendo and is likely to be going to disappear anytime very soon. However, PlayStation and Xbox remain a long way ahead in terms of high-quality gaming experiences. Nintendo might claim that there is nothing in the near future however it’s not difficult to imagine a scenario for 2023 or 2024 when there is speculation that the 4K Switch finally does happen.

As I mentioned out front, there’s not anything very exciting in this. The new Switch is basically exactly the same as the original Switch in every aspect which really are important. If you’re purchasing the Nintendo device for the first time, you won’t be able to do anything more than an OLED Switch. If you’re looking to upgrade your system it’s probably a good idea to hold off until Nintendo announces a hardware update that actually alters the game.