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Final Fantasy Fighting Game of PS4 Acquires Open Beta Next Month

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PS4 exclusive fighting game of Square Enix; Dissidia Final Fantasy NT approaches in Europe and North America, before 2018, and also ahead of its release time players will be able to enjoy another chance of trying out the three-on-three of this arcade fighter game. Square Enix publicized that it will be maintaining an open Beta for the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT early the launch of the game next month.

The Beta starts on January 12 and continues till January 21. Unlike the earlier Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta, it will be obtainable to all the owners of PS4 in Europe and North America, although you’ll most probably require a PS Plus subscription in order to enjoy playing it. Square Enix yet didn’t disclose any contents of the beta or at what time it will officially start, but the publisher states that more details will be enclosed closer to the release date of the beta.

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT game features total 28ncharacters during launch, all adopted from the several installments throughout the series of the history of the Final Fantasy. Lately, Square Enix launched a trailer that reveals the whole launch roster that includes familiar heroes like; Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, to Star the spin-off Final Fantasy Type-O. The game also comes with a classic seven Final Fantasy Summons, which can be called in times of battle.

It’s on January 30th, the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases for PS4. Those who own the game of the Ultimate Collector’s Editions or Digital Deluxe will be receiving the season pass for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT that will be adding extra six characters to the launch of roster-post. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition also comes with the 15-song soundtrack, Warrior of the light Bust figure, hardcover art book, and one exclusive steel book case. So here’s your extra chance of exploring the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT before its release.