cervical cancer deaths

According to a Study, Cervical Cancer Deaths Above 50r are assumed to Soar Highly in England


Diagnoses and deaths from Cervical Cancer are expected to rise sharply in England among women over the age of 50in the coming two decades. Although according to a new study the deaths among young women from the disease who have been vaccinated are most prone in getting rid of it.

The “HPV” jab is fundamentally changing the outlook of this Cervical Cancer among the women residing in countries where routinely it is given to schoolgirls of age 12 to 13, or before they become sexually potential, and brings ray of hope in the developing world of minimizing the rate of deaths where it is on high level.

Published in the Lancet Public health journal, a study of such similar scenario says that cases are expected to fall to 75% amid young women for those where vaccination is a norm. Deaths occurring from cervical cancer amid the generation who were of 17 years or even younger when this programme was first introduced back in 2008 will nearly vanish.

But there is sustention in the issue where for older women who have never got a vaccination against the HPV or the human papilloma virus, the one that is responsible for stimulating majority of the cases of cervical cancer. At some time in life near 60% of women are affected with HPV. Most clean it off from their system but the vaccine doesn’t work well enough for women those who have ever encountered with HPV.

One of the Doctors from Queen Mary says that the main reason behind this is that population is been aging and women at present 25-40 will not instantly benefit from vaccination, and they are in that age stage where the chance of getting HPV is pretty high.

Sexual practices within the age range of 25-40 and specifically having multiple sexual partners put them at higher risk of infection with the sexually transmitted virus.

There must more accurate form of screening for the HPV infection test much before than the projected introduction in 2019; says the charity Jo’s and author of Cervical Cancer Trust.