Game of Thrones

HBO Ordered Prequel Pilot of Game of Thrones


HBO officially gave a green signal for a follow-up pilot of its most eulogized international hit “Game of Thrones” and that sounds tremendously ambitious just like the original series. The nexus has ordered a prequel drama from the author George R.R. martin and the writer Jane Goldman. The nexus also launched an official description of the storyline of the show, and it’s another fiction spread amid several clans and locations. And this took site thousands of years before the Game of Thrones’ events, the chronicles series the world’s decent into its darkest hours from the “Golden Age of Heroes”. But one thing that’s for sure is; It’s from the horrifying historic secrets of Westeros to the real origin of white walkers, the enigma of the East, to the Legend of Starks, it’s not just a story one truly knows.

However, the pilot is yet to have title. Given the green-light to series, earlier HBO has told that no successor series will get aired until a year after the finale series of GoT. Since the final and eighth-last season is arriving next year, the quickest one can watch a successor series will be in 2020. If sequenced to series, this will be noted for the first time in the history of HBO, which the premium cable network has come up with a successor series in one of its shows.

HBO stakes are high. The significance regarding the premium cable network of the franchise that’s the “Time Warner; its corporate parent, which often cites the fantasy drama in all the conference calls of investors, is quite tough to overstate.

GoT is the most popular series of HBO of all times, with an approximate of 23 million viewers past season alone in the U.S. It’s even the greatest Emmy Award-winning drama ever made, having 38 Emmys and still counting. And is spite of its sheer price tag, GoT is widely financially remunerative. HBO retains the show that it sells across the globe, including an array of home video launches and merchandising.  Coming up with a new series in Westeros may arise a buzz.