Avengers Endgame

New Photos Of Captain America And Iron Man From Avengers Endgame Got Leaked


We’re in the end game! These are the words which Doctor Strange said to Iron Man before he died. When it comes to Avengers marvel, fans get crazy whenever a piece of news relating to an upcoming movie gets public and that’s what is happening right now. Because recently costumes of Iron Man and Captain America from Avengers: Endgame has got leaked online and fans are losing their mind. A few hours ago an unknown resource said to have found upcoming costume design concept of Iron Man and Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

Now after looking at these photos, fans are confirming their “quantum realm” theory in which some are claiming that ant-man will play a significant role in bringing back lost avengers. Now if you look at these photos, then you will also get convinced with such fan theories. If we see the Iron Man and Captain America using these uniforms, then get ready to see some time traveling for the first time in Avengers. Marvel a few weeks ago released the teaser trailer of Avengers: endgame and since that people are trying to find every source through which they can get new information about the upcoming film.

There are many fan theories which are getting viral on the internet. One fan theory suggested that Ironman and Captain America will die in this film since both actors contract with Marvel is getting ended. Now after looking at these leaked photos, some fans are saying that Thanos is not the real villain and we will be able to see the face of an actual villain at the end of the film. As of now, we don’t know who will be the “real” villain of this film, but when we look at these photos, they make us realize that Marvel has a much bigger plan for future and it’s not an “endgame” for marvel movies.