New Depression Drugs

US Suicide Rates Soar High; Require New Depression Drugs


A hike in the United States’ suicide rates has thrown the spot light on the need for further effective treatments for vital depression, including researchers stating that it’s a tricky development space that has widely been departed from the giant pharmaceutical companies. This week the authorities of U.S. health care told that there had been an intense rise in suicide rates all over the country, since the starting of the century and had called for a detailed approach to address against depression. The report was published in the same week as the high-profiles suicide cases of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdian.

Reuters wasn’t able to make out whether Spade or Bourdian were going under drug treatment or not. Representatives couldn’t be reached instantly for any comment. Husband of Kate Spade, Andy Spade told in a statement this week that for several years she has suffered from depression and was working very close with her doctors.

There is availability of many low-cost generic antidepressants, among which many offer only minimum benefit, developing medicines regarding depression is quite tough sell. In the development aiming, drug-makers have had 140 therapies for mental health issues, along with 39 targeted at depression, as per the manufacturers of America Trade Group and Pharmaceutical Research. This compares with the work on 1,000 experimental cancer drugs of the industry that can command some of the highest prices.

According to some, anti-depressant drugs consume a bit time to have an effective result, if they prove to be effective at all. Almost half of the individuals with depression end up failing to respond to latest therapies, as stated by Dr. Husseini Manji; the global head of neuroscience at the Janssen unit of Johnson & Johnson.

Standard anti-depression can take several weeks to work, and they aren’t much useful as well, stated by the leading effort testing the drug of J&J’s; Carla Canuso, in people deemed at the pipeline risk for suicide that’s almost closely associated with depression.

A behavioural health expert from the Suicide Prevention Resource Centre; Dr. Julie Goldstein told that 122 individuals in the Unites States took away their lives by suicide per day last week.