13 Reasons Why-II

Mental Health Specialists Aware Parents Prior 13 Reasons Why-II Summer Release


Netflix’s one of the most popular shows “13 reasons Why” drama have made quite a giant space in teenagers’ mind with its interknitted mysterious love story throughout its first season, and has raised the heat of discussion on Netflix, controversial raised across sexual assault, and suicide story of a teenage girl. It debuted back in March 2016 with much hyped controversy. The main target of the show was teenage audiences that start with the leading character “Hannah Baker’’,  who was high school student, commits suicide leaving his reasons behind her suicide story in a tape recorder to her mates. Post its release, reports having said that kids following the suicidal behaviour that’s been showcased in the series.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention well-known as AFSP, published statements expressing awareness regarding lack of resourced provided in its first season. It stated that the show was portraying all of the graphic images, putting blame, fantasizing suicide, and whoever watched it till the end almost felt them on a cliff-hanger, according to Morale. Morales stated that teenagers were more drawn to watching the series and that was absolutely not recommended by the AFSP. Morales even stated that if one is unaware of its trigger point and they are been showed with such type of graphics, then it’s something that could possibly affect a lot than any other regular series. The triggering initiative that has been depicted in the show can surely harm the ones who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

With its second season that comes months later, and is about to release this Friday. Various school districts have already warned parents before its upcoming release. The “Olathe School District” has already mailed a letter to the parents of high schools, invigorating to start discussion with their teens. The “Park Hill School” district has also sent a newsletter addressing parents not to let their teens watch the show. A junior at the “North Kansas City High School; Ellie Klopfenstein even started a full awareness week campaign centred across mental health. Local suicide prevention specialists even advices parents to watch the show together.