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Pokemon Go fans feel Surprised to New Celebi at Pokemon Go Fest

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Pokemon Go Fest bounced back again for one more IRL meet-up of the player of Pokemon Go, and visitors have loads to say regarding the festival of this year and what it feels like finding the new Celebi. The surprise new Pokemon is Celebi at the 2018 Pokemon Go Fest, and it’s the most recent and last of the second generation mythical giant to come along in the game. It was destined that the in the wake of the launch of Mew, the Celebi of Gen-2 was probably going to be the next. So, now it seems that at the biggest live event of the year, this mythic Pokemon Go will be making a debut in Chicago, at the Fest.

Although, every detail of the quest is not known yet, but somewhat about the dialogue of Professor Willow while he tries hunting down Celebi with little help from players. The special Pokemon were promised to those players of Pokemon Go who made their way to the trek at Chicago for the Go Fest, and there was the Special Pokemon. With clues marked the entire day guiding the players about the legendary inescapable reveal, the Pokemon Celebi started to appear for giving players a chance in getting their hands on the exceptional catch to their game collection. Celebi is made obtainable after completion of a range of research challenges, provided as a part in-game of a larger quest. Unlike the previous year’s event, when several network problems led Niantic for gifting everyone the famed “Pokemon Lugia”, this time attendees need to put on work capturing the Celebi.

Though not everybody was pleased with the way the Celebi got released, overall, the players of Pokemon Go seem quite happy with the ongoing festival of this year’s, specifically if compared to the one with last year. The case this time might be that the visitors of Go Fest get first access to Celebi, and then the quest blossoms to the larger world. There are few guesses at the quest steps that have catching Minun, Unown, and Plusule.