Amazon Prime to be Available for Medicaid Recipients

New Version of the Amazon Prime to be Available for Medicaid Recipients

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Medicaid recipients are usually children below the age of nineteen, individuals with disabilities and adults who are above the age of sixty five and for them it is obviously very inconvenient to go to a store and order the required goods. These Medicaid recipients thus could definitely do with a bit of extra help that will make things a lot easier for them. Amazon has therefore started a new program with its version of Prime which is affordable for its customers who are Medicaid recipients and will prove to be great especially if Amazon does release a range of pharmaceutical services. For them the cost of Prime will be $5.99 per month which will cover all facilities that Prime provides, including free shipping within two days, Prime Photos, Prime Music, Prime Reading and Prime Video, Audible Channels as well as Prime Now. This is actually a part of the previous program for customers with assistance from the government which began last year in June.

Amazon has Prime membership available for any US citizen who is a holder of the EBT card, though the Amazon Go stores which are cashierless do not take food stamps, and now it will be given to those with Medicaid cards as well. With this new version of Prime for customers with Medicaid, Prime is reaching out to many people to whom online shopping is not really possible. The customers come from different parts of the country with different problems and Prime with the launch of this program highlighted several cases like that of a cancer survivor, a military veteran, a single mother from Missouri and five year old boy who has a genetic disorder which makes visiting stores in person difficult for him.

The program saves time and it eliminates the common belief that online shopping and membership of programs like Prime are available to online a privileged few because now Prime is expanding its platform to bring online shopping to as many people as possible at a very low cost. Amazon has not given any information regarding how many people actually benefit from these discount schemes, but they have confirmed that the response has been pretty good.

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