Oscars 2019

Reports Show That 4 Categories Will Be Cut From Oscars 2019 Broadcast


If there’s anything which every die-hard movie lover like to watch then, it’s watching year ending Oscars because it’s that award ceremony where you will get to see some of the talented people getting an award for their magnificent work. However, this year’s Oscars is not going to be like usual one because according to reports the board has decided to cut four categories from its live broadcast. Oscars committee has agreed to show present the awards for best cinematography, film editing, live-action short, and makeup and hairstyling during the commercial breaks and not during the live broadcast.

In order to cut the period of Oscars broadcast committee has decided to cut these 4 awards presentation but after releasing this news, many fans have got angry. Movie fans who think the Oscars committee should find some other ways to reduce its broadcast time and they shall present the awards mentioned above just like others. However, this should not come to you as a shocking thing because the Oscars committee was thinking about this plan from last year’s August. Now, the Oscars board will be able to present 24 awards in a period of three hours which sounds good but still many fans didn’t like this idea.

Recently famous director Guillermo del Toro who last year won the award for the best director said that cinematography and editing are enormous a part of any films and Oscars shouldn’t cut these awards from its list. There are many famous cinematographers who so far has taken Oscars to their home for their excellent work with a camera, but it seems like this year we might not be able to see faces of such talented people. People are showing their rage on Twitter and Facebook by mentioning how bad Oscars are getting every year and if the situation goes on continuing like this Oscars will lose its value in the future.