Risk Of Heart Attack

According to A Health Study, The Risk Of Heart Attack Increases On The Eve Of Christmas


We all like to celebrate Christmas with our friends, and family members because this is the day which brings lots of joy for us. But according to a recent health study which states that the risk of getting a heart attack gets increases on Christmas Eve. According to researchers, they found that the chance of getting heart attack increases by fifteen percent on the eve of Christmas and new year which might be mysterious for some people but the data proves this fact. In this case study, more than 300000 patients were studied, and it’s been found that the risk of having a stroke was highest at 10 p.m on Christmas eve which shows how heart patients have to go through some tough situation in severe cold days.

However, this case study did not disclose why so many peoples get heart attack only on Christmas and new year’s eve, but many health experts believe it’s because of the environment and health conditions of such patients which causes them to have a heart attack in cold days. However, according to researchers heart patients don’t go through that much of troubles on other festivals like Easter day, Halloween and most of them feel healthy at that time of year. Even if the researchers couldn’t figure out the exact reason behind that much of spike in heart attack rate during winter holidays like Christmas however, some health experts believe this could be happening because of the distress, anxiety, and sadness such patients feel during Christmas Eve.

Many health experts believe that during the Christmas eve heart patients should eat only healthy foods, and they shall avoid the alcohol otherwise they might be inviting a heart attack for themselves.