Facebook Is Giving Its Users Data To Other Tech Giant Companies


There are very few companies which mostly dominate the tech industry, and sometimes to stay in the competition, such companies come together to share some valuable information. It seems like something like this is happening in Silicon Valley because according to a recent report which is published in a famous newspaper which states that the Facebook has shared its user’s private data with other tech companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, etc. According to that report which says the Facebook has been entered with “data-sharing agreement” with tech giants like Uber, Netflix through which they’re giving away the access of millions of users to the other companies. It’s been said that such companies can read, delete and compose messages of such users due to which many people now concerning over this way of doing business.

However, Facebook has been entered into this data sharing agreement with more than 150 organizations, and according to this agreement, Facebook will attract new users on their platform and in return other companies will be able to promote their product to such users. In 2012 Facebook had already been warned by the Federal Trade Commission regarding this data-sharing agreement which was violating the consent agreement because the company violated the consent agreement. The users whose data Facebook shared with other companies had no means of knowing with whom their information is shared.

Facebook faced such data theft or the violation issues many times. Recently, the UK based agency Cambridge analytica accessed the data of 87 million users without proper consent. After knowing about this violation, Mark Zuckerberg pledged to create a strong privacy policy for data access. Facebook has been already in controversy regarding their data scandals and now such kind of revelation regarding company’s way of doing raises lots of questions.