Facebook Down Vote Option

Facebook Tests the Down Vote Option

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For a long time users of Facebook have wondered if there was going to be a down vote button included for flagging the comments on particular posts and finally, Facebook has offered concrete evidence and confirmation that they are indeed testing out the possibility of an option to down vote a particular post on the social media platform. As confirmed to TechCrunch, the down vote button is being tried out on few posts from several public pages on Facebook to see if it really is useful and efficient. This down vote option, if successful, will allow the user to hide comments which he/she feel is improper and out of place.

This down vote button will allow Facebook to understand which type of comments a particular user is finding inappropriate so that such comments can be dealt with if they appear again. It gives an opportunity for users to give feedback to Facebook with options like “Offensive”, “Misleading and “Off Topic”, about the posts and the comments on that post that the user is viewing.

The down vote button will not affect any page of person whose post it is and will not hamper the rank or position it holds. It will simply not allow the type of comments which have been down voted. It will prioritize and allow Facebook to stop such comments but this will also question its motives and responsibilities in attempting censorship being what its CEO calls a not so “traditional media company.” However, Facebook is essential a platform or a virtual community for people to interact and share experience or what is relevant and personal to them. Though the down vote button is actually a way to ensure the security of such interactions and also allow Facebook to stay alert on what its users prefer and what they find not appropriate, the option for a dislike button is not being considered. Mark Zuckerberg, in 2015, explained that this is because it will allow people to actually vote against someone’s post which might create a degree of hostility and that isn’t the kind of community Facebook wants to build.