Amazon Fire TV Recast

Fire TV Recast of Amazon Promises Shows over-the-air and the DVR is real staring at $230


The rumor about the DVR by Amazon that was rolling in the year few weeks back is now real and the reveal is all out. Not quite satisfied with the fact of giving Netflix for running their money, Amazon is now targeting at the satellite and cable providers. Revealed at the Seattle hardware event of Amazon following a heap of other new Alexa devices, the new Fire TV Recast of Amazon is a combo DVR and OTA receiver that’s designed for streaming over-the-air free HD content to Echo Show, Fire TV, and all compatible mobile devices and Fire tablet. Fire TV comes in two types; a two-tuner model with a 500 GB for $230, DVR of 75-hour capacity, and a four-tuner that houses a 150-hour, 1TB drive for $280. It enables recording up to two or four shows at a stretch depending on the model, and can stream at a time on several devices.

One can pre-order them now before the release with the first shipments to be expected by November. It’s a shift that needless to say will thrill cord cutters intent to ditch their monthly cable fees. It even signals anther category, which Amazon urges to dominate; OTA hardware.

The Fire TV Recast a DVR that doesn’t have its own outputs of video. Instead one needs to place it somewhere in the house attaching an antenna, where it grabs in over-the –air TV signals.  It then records them internally and then streams them live to the other Fire –TV compatible devices within home. The Fire TV is a product similar to its competitors like the Air TV for $120, and others as well. Needless to say no device of Amazon would be whole without the Alexa support, these days, and this Fire TV Recast is no exception. Unlike few other OTA solutions this Fire TV can be placed anywhere within the home having access to power, the input cable of OTA antenna, along with a strong Wi-Fi signal. This new product was announced by the senior vice president of Amazon devices; Dave Limp.