Twitter Testing Stories-Like Vertical And Full-Screen Ads In Fleets On Limited Users In US

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Microblogging platform Twitter has launched Stories-like ads to its Fleets feature. The new format is similar to those that appear in Stories feature on other social media platforms. Twitter said that it has added support for vertical format and full-screen ads in Fleets. This is the first time when Twitter has introduced Stories-like ads in Fleets. Fleets are just like Twitter posts. The posts are temporary. These posts disappear after 24 hours. It works like Stories feature in other Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. Twitter allows Fleets to be postable and visible only on its apps. It is yet to add support for the website. Fleets are visible in a row at the top of the profile.

Twitter said that ads in Fleets are full-screen billboards. The ads appear in between Fleets. It said that ads are connected to messages with daily life. The ads are just a space for companies. It makes brands to be more creative to connect with people. Twitter launched Fleets in November last. It provides a new way for users to join communicate on the platform and share views. Twitter has provided options to people to react to content in Fleets. Users can Fleet text, photos, and videos. They can also customize with stickers, text, and backgrounds. The Stories-like ads will be, however, visible to a limited group in America on Twitter’s Android and iOS apps.

Twitter said that ads support photos and video in the ratio of 9:16. The duration of the video is limited. The format only allows content not more than 30 seconds. There is an option to allow brands to add options like swipe-up and others. Advertisers will get standard Twitter Ads metrics for ads in Fleets. This includes impressions, profile and website visits, clicks, and more related details. The company said that it will monitor the performance of vertical format and full-screen ads in Fleets. Twitter said that it wants ads to bring value to users and not to be intrusive. The company said that it will soon launch more updates to backgrounds and stickers.