Anti-Stroke Drugs Also Holds Good In Case Of Dementia


The drugs used to prevent strokes are formerly known as blood-thinning drugs. These drugs are largely consumed to prevent clotting of blood which can result in stroke. Stroke is one of the leading cause behind a large number of deaths. In Sweden alone, more than 444,106 patients suffer from irregular heart rates which leads to stroke. This research study has proved that the anti-stroke drugs are also beneficial in treating dementia.

Dementia is a common disorder seen in elderly people and the drugs used to treat strokes also holds good in case of dementia. Anti-stroke drugs are used to prevent clotting of blood which can cause blockage of arteries and eventually a stroke. Hence the people who are at the risk of stroke consume anti-stroke drugs. Now, these drugs will provide dual benefits. These drugs can reduce the risk of strokes as well as they can reduce the risk of dementia. Dementia causes a gradual decline in memory which affects the thinking and memorizing ability of an individual. It was seen that the individuals who consume anti-stroke drugs have shown 29% low risk of dementia.

Also, the individuals who regularly consume these drugs have shown the further reduction in the risk of dementia and stroke. The study which shows the link between dementia and anti-stroke drugs can be seen in the European Heart Journal. During the study, the researchers gathered the data from 2006-2014 from Swedish health registries. This was the in-depth study which has shown the link between anti-stroke drugs and its benefits when it comes to dementia. However, further clinical trials are needed to determine the role of these drugs and whether they have any side-effects. However, it is difficult to conduct such research study as we cannot prescribe the drug to a patient and wait to see how this can prevent dementia.

It was seen that dementia is a result of aging, alcohol consumption, lack of anti-stroke drugs and many others. Some of the popular anti-coagulant drugs are apixaban and warfarin. It will be interesting to see how anti-stroke drugs prove beneficial in case of strokes and dementia.