Chris Hemsworth Fitness App Centr

Chris Hemsworth Recently Launched A New App “Centr” For All Fitness Freaks


Many people want to become fit and gain great muscles like Chris Hemsworth. If you’re one of those people, then there’s a piece of good news for you. Recently Chris Hemsworth who is famous for his superhero role Thor has officially launched a fitness app called Centr which will help people to build a great physique like Thor. Chris with his wife Elsa Pataky recently launched Centr app which will give some valuable, insights on how Chris Hemsworth managed to get a muscular body. Hemsworth announced this app by sharing its trailer on his Twitter account in a cinematic style. The trailer features Chris and his wife Pataky doing yoga and working out at the gym, so far trailer of this new app has got a huge amount of social media shares. Chris Hemsworth is already famous for his epic role in Marvel movies also most of his fans love his physique. Now he has given an opportunity for ordinary people to build a body like him by giving them workout and diet tips through this app.

The app contains various features such as users will be able to get weekly access to workout routines, meditation videos, and diet plans. Centr app has a different type of categories based on physical activities. A user can select any kind of physical activity according to their own preferences. Chris and His wife have worked with lots of renowned fitness trainers, psychotherapists, and yoga instructors to build this app which means a user will get every type of detailed insight from highly professional people. Centr will also help people to make them mentally strong because a user can do meditation or seek help to boosts up their personal confidence also. Many people need to improve their mental health, and Centr might be good for them since many renowned psychotherapists will help them to increase their confidence.