Tenesse Senator Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill


Tennesse Senator Janice Bowling from Tullahoma has introduced a bill in the Senate that would legalize the Marijuana consumption in the state. If this bill is passed with a majority, then it’d pave the way for medical and recreational Marijuana use in the Tennessee state. The passed bill will create the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Act, which will regulate the consumption of the same for patients who are in need. The Act will also restrict the licensees to cultivate, produce, distribute, transport, sell the marijuana to qualified people.

Senator Janice Bowlings presented the bill in the Senate which is now awaiting approval, and the debate is going on this proposal. The Marijuana is a herbal drug that has medicinal properties and already used in some of the medicines in the countries that allow the same. Senator claimed that the Medical Cannabis program in other states of the United States had recorded the less percentage of Opioid overdose related cases. Currently, Medical and Scientific use of Marijuana is legalized in 33 states, and the same is available to the two-thirds of the population of the country.

The bill explains the procedure of producing and acquiring medical marijuana. The medical patients who are in dire need of marijuana consumptions will get a $65 consumption card from their medical service provider. If qualified for the card, then the cardholders will gain access to medical marijuana for nearly two years. After that, they have to renew the card. Patients under 18 years of age can get the under medical supervision and if they have any of the diseases mentioned in the bill. If the law is passed after the debate, then it’ll become active till July 30, 2020.