Doctors Said Patients With Low Oxygen Problems Are Getting Killed By Coronavirus


Everyone, as of now knows that the primary symptoms of having coronavirus is fever, headache, and lack of breathing. Now those physicians who are seeing every day many coronaviruses diagnosed patients have some valuable insights about this deadly virus. According to physicians, they are seeing many patients who are getting admitted to the hospital are having more breathing-related problems. Doctors said they are seeing that patients having pneumonia along with low oxygen levels are getting hospitalized at higher rates.

These patients reportedly did not witness many breathing-related issues, but these patients were facing problems of having low oxygen levels in the tissues. So far, nearly a million people have been tested positive, which is the primary reason why hospital staff are trying their best to monitor each patient. Doctors said those patients who had been out under critical condition didn’t know about it at all. Patients who are having problems with Hypoxia need to be put in intensive care units quickly.

Hypoxia is a medical condition which happens when body tissues start to run on a low oxygen, and that causes many problems. If a patient with Hypoxia doesn’t receive the necessary treatment quickly, it might become a cause of death. Doctors, after analyzing patients chest X-ray said these patients didn’t witness the problem before getting admitted. They are now calling it “silent hypoxia” which is a dangerous situation, but the majority of the patients aren’t worried about it.

Normal oxygen saturation for a healthy person is 94 to 100 percent, but for COVID pneumonia patients oxygen saturation percentage was as low as 50 percent only. Physicians are saying that it’s quite necessary to check the oxygen level of older people either at home or hospital because it’s becoming the primary reason for death among COVID-19 patients.