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Google Removed Adsense App From Android And iOs Store


In the tech industry, things get changed, and since the big tech companies are adopting new methods to work, they are making some significant changes also. Recently Google Adsense got removed from the play store and iOs Store, which means now those who relied on the Adsense app to see their earnings will not see it anymore. However, removing AdSense apps from both prestigious app stores is not a new thing because a year ago, Google said they were planning to do this, and now they finally did it. If anybody is using an old app that is already installed on their smartphone, then it will still be working.

However, if someone tries to find it on the play store or app store, then they wouldn’t find it. Many bloggers who are using Adsense on their website or apps used Adsense mobile app to track daily earnings. Since it would make their task easy to check how much money their websites are bringing but those who already have installed it will be able to get the benefits. The experience of using Google AdSense in the app was quite good, considering the fact that it would show earnings without any fuss. However, the Adsense team from Google think its better to shift the focus more on desktop than on smartphones.

The company said more than one-third of website owners used the Adsense app to check how much money they’re making, so it became quite essential for Google to take this step. There are no other things that changed because publishers still can check their revenue by going to the same URL. However, the only thing is that it would be accessible only from desktop and not from a simple android or iOs app, which much earlier used it. However, it’s not clear for how much period those who have already installed the AdSense app on their smartphone will keep using it.