Federal Committee Says Men should Not Drink More Than One Drink A Day


When it comes to drinking alcohol, men like to do that more than many things. However, the latest survey reports from the Federal Committee shows that every man should not drink more than one drink a day. The report studies how drinking habits affect the health of men, and they recommend cutting down drinking alcohol only once a day. This study was initially done in 1980 in which they stated that every man shouldn’t drink more than twice a day. At that time, they studied the drinking habits of men and its impact on their health.

However, after this recent draft of health studies, experts are recommending drinking less than usual. Drinking something which contains 0.6 ounces of alcohol is strictly prohibited and dangerous for health. The use of sugar in drinks should also be restricted since drinking sugary soda is also harmful to health. Various studies had already covered this topic stating sugar contained drinks are not suitable for health since they can cause heart-related diseases.

Health authority said the recommended drinking limit for both men and women is now one drink per day. Study shows the death rate has increased among those who drink more than two drinks per day because of various causes. It did not mention specifically the reason behind the death of drinkers but stated the limit of the same. Committee Says people get more calories with the consumption of sugary drinks, and said to cut them. Other factors such as age, immunity system, exercise also taken into consideration. However, those who drink more than the recommended drinking limit have a higher chance of dying than those who usually drink.