Health Organizations Are Trying To Bring Taxes On Sugary Drink


Health issues which more than half of teenagers right now facing are because of the unhealthy diet they follow each day. Now recent reports are showing that The American Academy Of Pediatrics and American Heart Association is trying to bring sugary drink taxes. Consumption of sugar contained drinks have significantly raised among children and teenagers which is negatively impacting on their health. Now, these two organisations think by putting restrictions like taxes they can slow down sell of such dangerous drinks.

There are have been various health studies done regarding the side effects of drinking too much sugar contained drinks; most of them show that these drinks are awful for health. In a policy statement released by these two organisations, it’s been stated that they want to see milk-based products on top of kids menus plus in every vending machine. Now, these limits might not bring that much change, but it would diminish the demand for a sugary drink.

Health expert thinks excessive consumption of sugary drinks can damage health of teenagers and children. It increases chances of getting blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases which are life-threatening illnesses. Many teenagers are going through problems of obesity; consumption of these drinks is one of the primary reasons behind that problem. People sometimes underestimate about side effects what kind of food they are eating.

One of the health experts from these organisations said that this is a wake-up call and government shall have to look at this matter seriously. They are urging government to out such type of regulations; otherwise, it would be severe to manage a health crisis. It will be interesting to see whether government is going to take some harmful actions on this situation or not.