Planetary Diets

International Scientists introduced the Planetary Diets to Save the Destruction of Planet


Sustainable food production is a big problem nowadays due to the increased damage of the greenhouse gases on the planet. The international group of scientists working on the issue has developed a diet, which can help people to consume the same and improve the health without damaging the planet in the process. The scientists named it as the Planetary Health Diet, which focuses on reducing the intake of Red Meats and increasing the consumption of the fruits, raw vegetables, and other healthy food choices.

As per the research published in The Lancet, which is the medical journal, an international group of scientists claimed that this could save premature deaths by protecting the environment of the planet. Each year, nearly 11.6 million people die immaturely due to natural causes. The decrease in consumption of the meat and intake of vegetables, fruits, and nuts will help everyone stay healthy and also save the planet. The food we eat is affecting climate change, weather conditions, and many other issues, that we have to worry right now. As per the scientists, we are changing our food habits will help the 3 Billion malnourished kids to get a proper diet.

After researching with the controlled feeding tests, cohort tests, and the randomized trials, the scientists have achieved the correct planetary diets which are helpful for the environment and the health. The planetary diet recommends the people to decrease the intake of meat and increase the consumption of naturally grown vegetables and fruits. This diet does not suggest avoiding the intake of meat due to the content of proteins in the flesh is useful for human body. Just like any other paper, many of the scientists are unsure if the Planetary health diet can help humans to decrease the advert changes in the environment.