Did You Know??? The Health Risks of Energy Drinks!!!

Did You Know??? The Health Risks of Energy Drinks!!!


You often have health drinks while working out in the gym or after jogging in the morning or simply making a nice cocktail out of it. These colorful waters taste good but did you actually know that there are some health risks associated with them. In a recent study, it has been found that the caffeine presents in such drinks cause major health issues. The serious health hazards associated with these drinks include problems to heart and blood vessels.

In a shocking incident, one elderly couple found the ill effects of energy drinks in a very hard way. The husband was shockingly left with a hole in his skull and suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. According to the wife, the doctors claimed that excessive consumption of energy drinks by the elderly man led to his shocking condition.

To support the incident, it has been reported that the number of health cases related to energy drinks has doubled up between 2007 and 2011. The number of emergency room visits is particularly high among the people who are above 40 years of age. The primary health hazard is caused by the caffeine which disturbs the heart rhythm and disrupts the blood flow causing blood pressure. Researchers said that the health hazards are particularly high for those suffering from elevated BP or cardiac issues.

It was recently in the news that a South Carolina teenager dies of health issues related to an energy drink. The teenager died after he consumed a very large amount of energy drink. Doctors have claimed that children are more prone to develop cardiovascular and nervous system related health issues while consuming energy drinks. The reason for this is that their bodies have not fully developed and found it difficult to counter the sudden intake of high amounts of caffeine.

The doctors also warned against mixing energy drinks with alcohol as this forms a deadly combination. By mixing energy drinks with alcohol, the level of toxicity gets increased. Interestingly energy drinks contained larger amounts of sugar as compared to sodas and fruit drinks. The major ingredient of energy drink is taurine, an amino acid. Besides this other ingredients also like guarana, kola nuts, and yerba mate also have significant amounts of caffeine and caffeine stimulants.