Over 2,500 Cancer Cases Could be Avoided Per Week, With a Healthy Lifestyle

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According to new figures from the study of the Cancer Research UK landmark that was published today, says that over 135,500 cancer cases per year in the UK could be avoided through some changes in lifestyle. This sum together to 37.7 percent cases of all cancers, diagnosed in each year in the UK- increasing to 41.5 percent in Scotland. The recent figure that has been calculated from the 2015 data on cancer, founding out that smoking stays the biggest avoidable cause of cancer regardless the continued downfall in smoking rates. The smoke of tobacco-caused almost 32,200 cancer cases among men (includes 17.7% all male cancer cases), and almost 22,000 (includes 12.4%) among females in 2015, as per the research that was published in the “British Journal of Cancer”.

The second most preventable cause of cancer is the overweight. Approximately, 22,800 (6.3%) cases per year occur cause of obese or extra weight. These amounts to almost 13,200 (7.5%) cancer cases among females and among males’ cases of cancer are around 9,600 (5.2%). Other preventable cancer cause includes eating less amount of fibre, drinking alcohol (causing almost 11,700 and around 11,900 cases respectively, which is almost 3.3% each), and outdoor pollution of air is responsible for almost 3,600 cases on lung cancer each year (1% of all causes of cancer), it’s still far fewer lung cancer cases than tobacco.

UK’s chief executive of Cancer Research, Sir Harpal Kumar told that leading a balanced and healthy life doesn’t guarantee one that that person will be free from causing cancer, but it can help mound the odds in their favour. The figure outcomes show that each individual can take positive steps to help narrow the risk in one of this disease. This research clearly explains the effect of smoking and obesity on the risk of cancer. Currently, obesity is a great threat and this will get worst with if not taken any actions immediately. Prevention is the major cost-effective way to beat cancer and the Government of UK could perform much more to help people with the adoption of a healthy choice proving to be the easy choice.