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Amazon is thinking something Big: It wants to Own Whole Foods of Movie Theatres

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The online e-commerce giant Amazon when started off his business it started with an online bookstore, and today almost everything can be found on Amazon. And recently this mega online store is trying to make its way into the physical field. Between the acquisition of its increasing number of retail outlets and Whole Foods of Amazon, customers might soon witness an Amazon store just around the corner. Landmark Theatres controls over 53 theatres in 27 cities, especially in the type of art-house fare, which surpasses to the mainstream audiences. Lately taking a look at the New York outlet of the Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban Company, for example, is a blend of the hit documentaries, one studio title, and Sundance winners “Mamma Mia! Here we go Again; is not a mass market but not that much experimental either. To be precise Landmark is the movie theatre version of its Whole Foods that the owned the previous year.

The acquisition would be proposing tantalizing advantages to the company. Since Amazon has acquired the Whole Foods, there’s loads of talk regarding what it will do with its delivery service of is an upscale grocer. He most probable thing that can happen is it can stretch its grocery delivery service. Amazon could wrap along movie admissions with the subscriptions for Prime members, identical to that of it which it does in the packages with the purchases of Whole Foods, proposing discounts on peaches, salmons, and many other things. This could help boost Amazon consumers to the theatres and trigger movie geeks to the Prime. The founder of management consultancy of Cg42; Stephen Beck said that he absolutely contemplate this as the gateway to Amazon prime by referring its per-year loyalty program worth $119, of the company.

Watching movies are some of the greatest reasons people go for the sign-up option, and once they get into this their shopping habits totally change, he added.  Whole Foods permits Amazon in warehousing and shipping groceries. It’s all very opportunistic, and that surely doesn’t mean one would be buying a theatre rather its buying Whole Foods.