Reducing Body Fat

A Latest Study by the Researchers Proclaim; New Kind of Drug Capable in Reducing Body Fat without Dieting


Great news out there for the individuals, who are trying hard to meet their goals of reducing extra weight, as now a team of researchers are developing a drug that can crop extra body far. Researchers from the Texas’s University of Medical Branch at Galveston described that the drug is majorly capable of reducing blood cholesterol levels and body weight without reducing on food intake tested on the obese mice. Stanley Watowich a senior author said that as the fat cells within the body grow larger they start over expressing a protein, which functions as a metabolic brake and slacks off the fat cell metabolism, making it difficult for these cells to burn and accumulate fat.

Watowich also explained that while the fat tissue enlarges, they secrete greater amounts of pro-inflammatory signals and hormones that execute various chronic diseases, including the cardio-vascular disease and Type-2 diabetes. This research team invented a molecule that blocks such metabolic rate and stop them operating on the obese fat cells. By causing a block to the metabolic brake, they were capable in raising the metabolism of the white fat cells. The researchers performed this experiment on mice and stuffed them with high fat food diet till they became obese. Later they gained either a placebo or the drug.

After 10 days of the performed experiment and drug treatment, the findings stated that the obese mice receiving the actual drug had dropped down d=weight over 7% of their total body weight and their cell and white fat tissue had decreased by almost 30% compared to that of the placebo group. Along with this, the blood cholesterol in mice was reduced to normal levels, identical to those of the mice that are non-obese. Surprisingly, mice in the both the groups of placebo and drug-treated, ate the same amount of food during the experimental span, revealing that the loss of fat was not due to appetite suppression.

A senior author of the study said; blocking the fat cell brake action provides an innovative mechanism that’s fat-specific for increasing cell metabolism and reducing white fat deposits’ size thereby treating main cause of obesity.