The Rate of Diabetes Is Increasing In Younger Adults


When it comes to diabetes the United States Of America has made lots of health programmes to prevent this disease, also mostly these programs are created by considering only older people, but according to the recent health study it’s been found the rate of younger adults getting diagnosed with diabetes is more than older people. Minnesota Department of health recently discovered that the number of younger people getting hospitalised for diabetes is getting higher and health department of united states needs to consider this issue seriously because most of these diabetes programs are made for older people. Younger people with diabetes suffer more than older people because having this disease affects their entire future which makes them vulnerable.

The number of young people with diabetes is more than three times as compared to the older people which indicates that the problem of diabetes is getting severe. Diabetes occurs when our body fails to create insulin, and a person with such disease can have a significant heart attack, stroke or kidney disorders. Many health experts believe that the younger generation has become lazy due to the work routine they daily follow. There are very few young people who on a daily basis do exercises, and those are thin number young adults who hardly get sick.

This health Study found younger people more often getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which is very hard to manage. According to some health expert’s young patients often go through depression because of the over thinking and tension regarding their future. However, this recent study shows that the health department of united states needs to care of those young adults who are suffering from diabetes by creating some good health program for them.