Workplace Wellness Programmes

Workplace Wellness Programmes can Make You Fat


We all like to see ourselves fit and healthy so that we can work more productively at our workplace. There are many employers in the USA which implement lots of different wellness programmes to maintain a good health of their employees. But according to a recent health study it has been found that sometimes these wellness programmes at the workplace can make you gain weight instead of losing it. According to this health study it’s been found there are many wellness programmes which are not adding any benefits for the employees, but in reverse such type of wellness plans are increasing the problems of obesity.

According to the researchers, they found that most of the employees who were going through wellness programmes felt terrible about themselves because they thought they are unfit and unhealthy. When an employee blames themselves for being inappropriate, it’s been observed that their productivity decreases at their workplace. Organizing health programmes at the workplace are very hard to implement because some experts believe that many companies don’t give proper advice to employees regarding what kind of diet they should follow to lower their fat. Applying a health programme for the employees won’t add anything useful for their health if the employees don’t know what kind of food they shall eat to stay healthy.

Those organizations which require their employees to work for the hefty amount of hours can’t successfully implement wellness programmes since many of the employees would be physically and mentally exhausted at their workplace. Many experts think that such type of plans can be successful only if they let their employees participate voluntarily because forcing your employees to do exercise is never going to have a positive impact on their health. The corporate culture requires employees to stay fit, and an organization can help their employees to keep fit only if they successfully and carefully implement these wellness programmes.