L.A. Houston Rockets and Lakers’ Victory

L.A. Houston Rockets and Lakers’ Victory Dash despite 51 points of James Harden


Kyle Kuzma set the Los Angeles Lakers in finishing the game winning streak of 14 of the Houston rockets, 122-116, and overthrows 51 point night of James Harden. After emerging from a loss to the Golden State warriors, the Lakers of Los Angeles began the game against the Rockets making 3 out of their three-point shots delivering them a 9-0 edge within the first few minutes of the first quarter.

Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma sets his career highs with seven 3-pointers and 38 points against the steaming team of NBA. The Stakes were a bit high on Wednesday night. Kuzma led the Lakers to overcome James Hardens’ score of 51 points and end the winning streak of Rocket with a win of 122-116 at 14 games.

Kuzma stated that day that it is a better team but having a same mentality. He’s also got the same mentality whenever he enters the court, He tries to give his best and stay all locked in.

Since November 14, Houston lost for the first time, whilst the Lakers splinted a three game skid. The game was a tie before straight away scoring 10 points by the Los Angeles, while seven shots were missed by the Houston in a row, just in stepping upto 110-100 when almost 4 minutes was left.

Just when Harden made a free throw, nearly four minute scoring drought was ended by the Houston, and then he added a few three more just when was fouled on an attempt of 3-point just few seconds later to slit is to 110-104. But ex Rocket Korey Brewer, who completed up with 21 points, had made a 3-pointer before two free throws was hit by Lonzo Ball for making it to 115-104.

The game finally came to an end having Lakers coming out as the winner by scoring 122-116. James Harden had 9 assists and 51 points with Eric Gordon bagging in 21 points in this loss. Kuzma made to 70% shot from the field by making 12 points out of his 17 shots and scored 38 points, and proved to be the beast in the category of rebounding with 8.