Unnamed Tanker of Navy

Boeing Unfolds its Design for the Unnamed Tanker of Navy


The Navy desires a drone tanker that can set afloat from ships, and the Boeing Company just hit this opportunity with its upcoming futuristic design.

The Boeing Company proposed a public glance at its design on Monday, for what the Navy is been calling the MQ-25 Stingray; a aircraft system that is yet to be named, and it also offers in-air refuelling to the fighters of the services, and even the F-35C.

Earlier this year, the General Atomics disclosed its ideas of offerings for the MQ-25, by publishing pictures of an aircrafts possessing wide stretched wings, very much like fighter type in Silhouette. Today the prototype aircraft that Boeing revealed has a thicker body and domed top.

Altogether, four companies were assumed to compete for the contract of the MQ-25 including Northrop Grumaan Corp. and Lockheed Martin Corp. However, the Northrop is expected to compete with its X-47B mingled-wing body UAS, but the consideration was rejected in October.

To date, Lookheed has only publicized teaser images about what the un-named prototype of the tanker would look like.

The head of the Boeing’s refuelling system program of phantom works, Don “BD” Gaddis, said in a statement that Boeing has been drop-shipping carrier aircraft to the Navy for over 90 years. It’s their expert skills that provide them confidence in their approach. The team will be ready for the flight testing when the manufacturing and engineering development contract is awarded.

According to the announcement made by Boeing this prototype aircraft is now finishing up engine runs and is yet to take its first gliding. It is around early 2018 the demonstrations of deck handling are expected to start.

As per the Naval Air Systems Commands, the MQ-25 will not only be proposing the capability of “robust organic” refuelling but also be interfacing with the prevailing land based systems and ship, along with those delivering surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance.

IT IS UNTILL 3RD Jan the companies have time gap in getting their offerings and Boeing is expecting in picking up a design around the second quarter of 2018.