Twitter Working To Allow Users Connect Google Account, To Ease Sign In Process


Users could soon sign in to their Twitter account through a Google Account. The micro-blogging platform has announced that it is working to allow users to connect their Google Account. When Twitter completes the progress of integration, users will be able to sign in directly through the connected account. The product team is currently exploring the possibility of integration. The new support will ease the signing-in process on Twitter. Google has for years offered users to sign up or sign in on apps with their Google Account. This only requires users to fill in basic details like name, email address, and others. It also allows users to pick a different password for apps if they wish.

The company has added a new option on its sign-in page. Besides Sign Up and Log In, Twitter has added a button – Continue with Google. The feature is still under the development phase. Once the feature is enabled, users can attach Google Account to their Twitter account and start signing in with the Continue with Google option. Twitter expects that the integration will make it more convenient to sign in. Users will need to remember just one password to sign in. This will make the process to sign in much faster. However, if a user’s Google Account is compromised in any manner, the attacker will also get access to the Twitter account that is linked to the compromised Google Account.

In case a Google Account is banned in any way, a user will not be able to access the linked Twitter account. Meanwhile, Twitter has announced to launch the support for sending tweets to popular photo-sharing app Instagram’s Stories feature. The support is, however, restricted to Twitter’s iOS app. Currently, tweets shared to Instagram Stories are non-interactive elements. It means that users cannot see the original context of the shared tweet on Twitter. But the new feature will make tweets more legible and also bring people back to the micro-blogging site. Besides, it will also do away with capturing screenshots to share on Instagram.