According To Former Nokia Engineer Here’s Why Nokia Failed

According To Former Nokia Engineer Here’s Why Nokia Failed


There are many tech companies which have brought some revolutionary changes to this world, but very few of them are still operating at the same level — one of those unfortunate companies in Nokia. The tech giant company which was at one point was ruling over the smartphone industry, and in a recent interview, former Nokia’s engineer shared the reason behind the company’s failure.

Rise of Google

According to Nokia’s former engineer rise of the tech giant, Google was one of the leading reasons behind windows smartphone making company’s failure. Microsoft, at that point, knew that Google was new, but they did not take competition from Google that much seriously. As a result, Google built a secure Android smartphone OS, which overthrew Microsoft and Nokia’s vision of ruling over the smartphone industry.

Bad Reputation Of Microsoft

Microsoft was going through some solid phase, and the tech giant company was not able to manage its critical managerial staff properly. As a result, many of its engineers left the company to start startups or join those who were new. Microsoft failed to provide an excellent operating system, even for PC users. Windows 8 became one of the biggest failures of Microsoft, and that damaged the company’s reputation severely.

Android vs iOs Battle

By the end of 2014, there were only two companies which were ruling over the smartphone industry that’s Apple and Google. Google was developing a stronger OS than its competitor, Apple, and during that time, Microsoft was still going through a big dilemma of how to develop a good OS. The number of customers who left either iOs or Android was quite low, and that thing is still going on.

The rise and fall of companies like Nokia show us that if actions are not taken on time correctly, then even small companies can beat you.