AI Robot Film

Director of American History X Tony Kaye is casting an AI Robot for his Upcoming Film


Needless to say the rapid innovative progress in the sphere of technology has taken over the world, and it continues to replace the human labour need, and now the directory of American History A; Tony Kaye has stepped into this for a new one. It is somewhat controversial for now by he has a taken a step in film making by employing an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) actor as the lead in his forthcoming film; “2nd Born”. Kaye and producer of the movie; Sam Khoze are looking forward to a way to make use of the computer generated effects with the help of A.I. robot a performer that will undergo training of various techniques. Khoze and Kaye are hoping that the robot will receive recognition of Screen Actors Guild. 2nd Born is the aftermath of 1st Born, which is an Indie comedy film directed by Ali Atshani and stars; Greg Grunberg, Val Kilmer, Robert Knepper, Tom Berenger, Taylor Cole, Jay Abdo, Sixo Safai, Denise Richards, and William Baldwin.

Tony Kaye is popularly known for directing the “American History X,” the movie that faced controversies during the time of its release in 1998, but Kaye then urged to take his name off out of this project, since there were issues regarding the final cut of the film. But Kaye seems to be serious in this upcoming endeavour. Though for now, not many details are out but Kaye and producer Sam seem to have a lot of work in their bucket ahead to make sure that the robot gets the exact training.

The idea to being AI into the field of acting is something innovative. Whatsoever, this will be an interesting fact to see if the idea is embraced when 2nd Born finally hits the theatres. Tony Kaye might be teh first among all to bunk the idea of human involving acting and adopt a root instead. As of now, nothing is known when 2nd Born will come to theatres, but people will surely keep an eye to witness the first ever robot actor on screen.