iOS 11.2.6 Update

Apple Emancipates Vital iOS 11.2.6 Update; Get to Know the Features Included

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Apple launched 11.2.2 iOS on 20th feb, for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Before the iOS 11.2.6 was released to the public it didn’t undergo any beta tests for it. Lately the iOS 11.3 is been tested by the developers. Things that are new to the iOS 11.2.3 are; it includes bug fixes for your iPad or iPhone. This update brings fixation of issues where usage of few particular character sequence might cause any app to crash. It also fixes such issues where some kind of third-party apps could fail connecting to any external accessories.

This iOS 11.2.6 is considered to have a minor update of software, so Apple didn’t integrate any more new notable features. Perhaps tis iOS 11.2.6 update is the eleventh update to the iOS 11 following the iOS 11.2.5, iOS 11.0.1, , iOS 11.2.1,  iOS 11.1.2 iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.1.1, , iOS 11.2iOS 11.2.2 and iOS 11.1.

The launch notes by Apple for the iOS 11.2.6 update states that there have been two bug fixes for the iPad and iPhone. It was after the Telegu character bug has been discovered; many individuals swindled it as a prank against other party. The bug did not have any effect on the prior versions of iOS to iOS 11.2.5.

Since the Launch iOS 11 updates: iOS 11.2.5 fixed an issue where a pernicious GitHub link was used for causing the apps of Messages to freeze up. This particular issue was called as “chaiOS”. For fixing the issue researchers had to perform a hard reset on their device and that had an effect on MAC as well. And it’s to the HomePad speaker iOS 11.2.5 brought new controls.

The iOS 11.3 Update will be featuring Smothering Controls on Performance: In the latter half of December, Apple recognized that the company could have performed a better job about being clear to its smothering performance that involved battery degradation. Hence, iOS 11.3 will have inclusion of an update for allowing the users to decide whether they want their iPhone’s performance to be throttled. Thus, iOS 11.3 will be having a feature that will enable users to manually opt for iPhone performance to work on full speed or not. It will also have a new menu displaying information about the battery health.