Netflix Has Acquired Rights To Seinfeld


When it comes to movie streaming business, Netflix is that tech company which is currently having a monopoly over this sector. Now since big companies like Apple and Disney are trying to enter into this new sector, Netflix is striving to acquire movies and TV show rights. Netflix has reportedly acquired rights of Seinfeld for more than $500 million, and it’s going to be on the platform at the start of 2021. Seinfeld, which is a classic rom rom tv show, made lots of buzzes and revolutionized the concept of Rom-Com for American Tv serials. Now, after getting this great deal of acquiring Seinfeld, Netflix has undoubtedly gotten another popular TV show with them.

Disney is pulling aways the contracts signed by them with Netflix. Since Disney+ is going live in next November, Netflix will be going to get an intense competition from it. Popular TV shows like Friends will not be part of Netflix, and that’s going to cost lots of things for the company. Now to compensate that serial Netflix decided to get into the deals with Seinfeld and fans are quite happy about it.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David created the revolutionized TV serial Seinfeld in the 80s and gained a tremendous amount of popularity with it. This deal will give Netflix the right to show Seinfled’s episode globally and not only for domestic users. Which means fans of Seinfeld all over the world can watch it now on Netflix without any more hustle. The deal has been signed for $500 million going to bring lots of money to the creators of Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld, who is a standup comedian and creator of this show, already hosts a show on Netflix. Warner Media said that they are moving Friends on their own streaming platform, but fans of Friends might have to enjoy the new company of Seinfeld.