Apple Finally Adds 5G iPadOS Updates For 2021 iPad Pro To Enable Owners Download & Install Updates Over 5G Network


Apple launched its most powerful and advanced iPad Pro earlier this year. The company has now released an important update for iPadOS. The Cupertino-based tech giant said that iPadOS has now support for 5G. This means that 2021 iPad Pro users can start downloading and installing iPadOS updates over 5G. Apple had launched a similar update for the iPhone 12 which was launched in October last year. Apple’s decision to enable 5G iPadOS updates puts the company ahead of competitors as the fifth generation technology is gaining popularity. Apple’s latest iPhone 12 models come with 5G support. This provides iPhone 12 owners an additional option to download iOS updates with a 5G network wherever available.

Apple in a support page update announced to bring the iPhone 12-like feature to iPadOS. It explains how users can manage their data connection with the updated models of iPad Pro. The tablet comes with upgrades. According to Apple, the device requires a robust software update to understand the machine’s true potential. Apple underlined that users can customize the data usage. Users can make changes to allow the operating system to use more data to perform various system tasks and features. They can use more data for a higher-quality FaceTime video or stream high-definition content. The company has provided an option for this. It is Allow More Data on 5G. This option can also be used to enable the OS updates over the 5G network.

Apple said that some users will get the setting as default in the iPadOS updates. These users will have unlimited data plans. The option will have to be enabled manually for other users. The company said that users will have to go to the Settings option and then select Cellular Data to enable the cellular over-the-air updates. Users will have to select Data Mode under Cellular Data Options and tap on the Allow More Data on 5G option. Users can follow the same procedure for Standard and Low Data Mode. These options will cut the amount of data being consumed on a cellular network and also on the Wi-Fi. The new iPad Pro features an M1 chip.