Google Is Helping To Find New Podcast Easily


Nowadays, people are more interested in listening to the podcast because it’s one of the best ways to learn about exciting things. The concept of the podcast is not new, but over the last few years, this industry has immensely grown, and it’s still growing. Now Google is trying to give correct results to those users who are searching for podcasts. Reportedly Google has changed its search query results regarding podcasts.

Google is that search engine which is used by millions of people worldwide for every sort of query. Now when someone wants to listen to a specific type of podcast, they’re probably going to search about it on Google. Google will now give the option to listen to the podcast along with descriptive information which will help users. Users will be getting a link of playing individual podcast along with other options quickly. Google is not going to use Publishers content directly, but the search engine will be taking showers to for streaming.

One can search individual Podcast or even a bunch of them on Google and listen to them without going to the publisher’s website. However, this move will be helping users and ultimately Google, but original publishers are on the losing side. They will be losing their loyal customers who were coming to their website for listening to podcasts. As of now, Google hasn’t clarified how they are using other publishers podcasts on its own platform. However, this move shows that the growing industry of Podcast is also now taken over by search engine giant Google. Apple is trying to enter into this industry, and for that, the tech giant company is already acquiring Podcast producing ventures. Google will undoubtedly be benefiting out of this strategy of providing Podcast to its users.