Apple Plans To Offer Health And Wellness Tools In AirPods That Will Allow To Track Body Temperature, Monitor Posture

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Tech giant Apple is known for emphasizing health and fitness tracking features in its product. Apple Watch comes with a set of features to act as a personal health monitoring tool. The wearable encourages people to be more conscious about their health. The company is now planning to expand its health and wellness tools in other products. Reports say that Apple will soon start offering such tools to devices other the wearable. Apple Watch is touted to be the company’s one of its most successful products. This is mainly because Apple Watch allows users to keep a track of their health and fitness journey.

Apple is planning to add its health and fitness tools to AirPods. With this, AirPods will become the latest fitness coach after Apple Watch. The tools that Apple could offer include reading body temperature, focus on improving hearing, and monitor an individual’s posture. With this, Apple will demonstrate its ambition to add fitness tools to devices beyond the Apple Watch and stay way ahead of the competitors. The planning is believed to be in early-stage and the company could take some more time to incorporate its health-tech offerings. The features are unlikely to be rolled out to consumers by next year.

The Cupertino headquartered company is also working on technology for iPhones that will diagnose users’ mental health like depression, dementia, and more. Apple is already working to add various sensors to its Watch. These sensors include continuous monitoring of blood pressure, body temperature, the oxygen level in the blood, glucose level in the blood, and sleep quality. Adding these sensors will let the company increase the product’s market and cement its position in the industry. The company now offers a new Mindfulness app with the Watch Series 7. Besides, it also comes with a tool that keeps a track of sleep respiratory rate. It already offers other tools like an electrical heart sensor, ECG app, and others. The wearable is the first Apple Watch that has an IP6X certification.