Apple WWDC 2018

Apple To Unveil New AR Features In The WWDC 2018, But A New Apple Watch Is Yet To Come


Just a few more days left for the WWDC 2018, and rumors are in the air about all the planning of Apple and the fact more or less still holds the same. Although there’s a possibility that Apple might have quite a few surprises in its bucket, and this year the WWDC 2018 also seems to end up pretty boring than the past events. But it wouldn’t be correct to say that Apple has lost its creative mojo, instead, it’s more of a hint that the company takes initiatives for a further measured approach towards new software features and new hardware. It has been already witnessed that few of the ambitious changes on iOS that Apple has been working on, got pushed back to the iOS 13 to gain a wider effort on enhancing the overall performance and reliability.

As of now, few reports from Bloomberg gives a little highlight about what the world can expect from Apple the coming week. It would be adequate to place that the WWDC 2018 is going to be a software-centric event since the company will probably not introduce any MacBook updates or new iPads. Things that one can expect in the next week’s event, as Bloomberg states; a series of new ARKit features equipped to make the Augmented Reality (AR) apps on the iOS platform much more gripping and immersive. Moreover, the new ARKit version of next-gen will reportedly lay the bedrock for the rumored pair of AR-based sunglasses on which Apple has been working.

The underlining target in this event is to deliver a healthier digital lifestyle by restraining the massive use of Smartphones. Other features that might make a room in the new iOS 12 has the new Animojis and more comprehensive NFC capabilities, which might give access to the iPhone users to use their devices as hotel keys and a virtual transit card.

Although as Bloomberg confirms that there won’t be any iPads and MacBooks on the docket, but a new Apple Watch is under processing. Overall this year’s WWDC will come with a slew of riveting announcements.