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Apple To Increase Wireless Charging Coil To Add Reverse Wireless Charging Feature In iPhone 13


Tech giant Apple is working on a reverse wireless charging feature. The technology allows using a phone to charge other devices. This is, however, possible with devices that come with support for wireless charging. Apple is likely to include the feature in the new iPhone lineup. The Cupertino-based company will launch iPhone 13 later this year. Apple has hinted that iPhone 12 could feature a slightly bigger physical wireless charging coil. This will result in increasing the surface area where wireless charging can be introduced. This will improve heat management and also the higher wattage. Besides, it will also pave the way for introducing the reverse wireless charging feature.

The reverse wireless charging will allow users to charge devices with a wireless charging option. Apple already provides AirPods with a wireless charging feature. Users only need to place wireless charging compatible devices on the back of the iPhone. Reverse charging is becoming very popular in recent times. The feature is already supported by Samsung. The next-gen iPhone will also feature stronger MagSafe magnets. This could possibly be the reason behind Apple’s decision to increase the size of the wireless charging coil. This will also allow faster charging. Earlier, several users had a complaint that the magnet was not strong enough to securely hold attachments.

Apple is also likely to launch iPhone 13 with upgrades. Reports say that the new series is likely to be unveiled late this year. Apple has hinted that it will provide the sensor-shift optical image stabilization feature. The feature is available with iPhone 12 Pro Max. This was the first time Apple adapted the technology for iPhone. The feature was so far restricted to DSLR cameras. The technology stabilizes the camera’s sensor. It has nothing to do with the lens. This gives greater image stabilization. Meanwhile, Apple has said that it will also launch a new 5G iPhone SE. The handset will likely be released in the first half of next year.