Whatsapp Has Put The Limit On Forwarding A Message


We all are living in that tech world where enow sending a text message she became more like a hobby or addiction than necessity and those who use Whatsapp will know the real pain of getting so much forwarded messages. However, according to the recent report, the company now has decided to put the limit on number of whatsapp forward to five which means now a person would be able to forward a message only for five times. The reason, why the company has decided to put these restrictions, is pure and that’s to stop the rumour or false news which so many whatsapp users do on a daily basis. There have been many cases relating to fake news or rumours getting spread by using this platform, and earlier whatsapp users could be easily able to forward a message to twenty people, but new rules say five only.

Victoria Grand the vice president for policy and commission, Whatsapp said that “We are levying this limit of five messages all over the world”. Whatsapp is one of the most used messengers on the internet, and it has over 1.5 billion users so one can imagine the necessity of imposing this new rule of forwarding five messages. Sometimes people on the internet don’t think that much about the source of information, and by pressing share button, they send such type of false or wrong information to others also. However, to prevent things like those the company has imposed these restrictions.

There have been some cases of violence because of false rumours which were spread by the people on Whatsapp and for such things company got criticism from many people for not maintaining the platform correctly. It will be interesting to see how the users of this messaging app are going to react to this news.