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iOS 13 Users Facing Memory Management Issue – Apps Being Killed in Background Frequently


The iOS user’s community much welcomed ios 13 since its launch. Except for a few minor bugs, there was nothing wrong with the operating system. But as of now, the users are complaining about the memory management issues with the operating system. The users are facing excessive app killing in the background. When the users are switching to other apps, the apps in the background are getting force closed within a few seconds. Usually, iOS is expected to hold the apps in memory so that the users can switch to the apps within a few minutes.

The issue is affecting almost all of the iOS 13 running smartphones. Some of the users have reported the loss of progress due to memory management issues. One user explained on Reddit that he was working on his smartphone and switch to another app without saving the current progress. But the OS killed the app immediately, and he lost the unsaved work due to the issue. Even though the hardware components the company use are Superior and highly optimized, the software is giving the problems which are rendering everything useless.

Not just the iOS 13 users, but the app developers have confirmed the issue with iOS Memory management. It is not clear if the problem lies with the IOS 13 entirely or just the iOS 13.2 version. Almost all of the iOS-based devices like the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPad Pro are facing the issues. Poor RAM management was not the issue for iOS even when the RAM provided is lesser than the competitor smartphones. This might be the bug that is affecting almost every one of the iOS users. Apple is expected to release the new update with a Bugfix for fixing the RAM management issues.